Should we look at hair under magnification we would realize that the hair we can see pulled off our skin is, ultimately, a dead component. Should we, however, pay attention to the part that lies under the skin, we would realize that, more or less, there exists a small laboratory which produces the hair, paints it with dye, lubricates it, polishes it, and grows it out completed.

95% of all cases of baldness are of the androgenic type, which is the most difficult to treat, since it constitutes a genetic characteristic, such as eye or skin color. It has a characteristic course and type. It progresses slowly, and reaches its final form after a number of years.

However, when we are talking about heredity, what is finally inherited is the predisposition of the person and the sensitivity of the hair follicles to androgens. Hair loss is not the result of testosterone, but of its product, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), along with the mediation of an enzyme, 5-α reductase. The focus of all therapies for hair loss is to block the mechanism that converts testosterone to DHT. The androgenic type hair loss is totally unrelated to much- rumored factors such as nervous hypertension, seborrhoeic dermatitis, reduced blood supply of the scalp, and is totally unrelated to whether someone is wearing a hat or not, or how often is washing his hair.


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