Hair is an important aspect of our image.

Unfortunately, hair loss is associated with old age and it is difficult for a young man to accept it and to come to terms with it. That is because a bald head makes you look older, since it brings about a change in external appearance and at the same time lowers self-esteem.

A small panic! That is what most young people experience when they start losing their hair. They experience the loss of their stable and total self-image. In effect, is like losing a part of their identity.    

The image they have of themselves becomes incomplete, and this fact becomes visible to other people as well, and it makes them feel exposed.

Some are full of anger, denial, and desperation; they get irritated when other people talk to them about it, and refuse to discuss it. A lot of times they feel that the loss of hair (baldness) makes them a target of mocking.

Naturally, everybody deals with this loss in a different way, according to his age, his psychological make-up, and his socioeconomic and professional status.

Young men who underwent various treatments or have undergone hair transplantation have reported tremendous psychological benefits, and the parameters concerning their self-esteem and their perceptions concerning how attractive they feel have totally changed. The fear and insecurities concerning development of future baldness has gone. They have stopped worrying about what would happen with coming age. They once more feel attractive and certain that in the future concern about baldness will not negatively affect their social, professional, but also their personal life as well.

For the reasons above, more and more men of all ages (there has been an increase of 300% in hair transplantation procedures) turn to hair transplantation in order to regain their lost image.

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