The normal number of hair someone loses daily is 50- 100. Losing hair beyond that number is considered pathological is usually referred to as “hair loss”. 

Most men, to a greater or lesser extent, experience hair loss at some point in their lives, with numbers increasing relative to their age. Until the third decade of their life, about 12% of men exhibit partial hair loss. When a man reaches an age of approximately 50, he has more than a 50% chance of exhibiting androgenic type baldness.

In women, hair loss is relatively common at a rate of about 30%, with at least some degree of thinning occurring during the life time. Since female hair loss tends to be diffuse (less hair in the whole scalp area) rather than resembling the characteristic alopecia of men, as the frontal hairline in women usually doesn’t recede, there is a false perception that hair loss in women is something rare, but in reality it is not. The psychological impact of hair loss may be severe, and a lot of women are emotionally affected, even when hair thinning is still at a very early stage. 

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