What needs to become clear is that hair transplantation cannot offer the same results to everyone. For some people the result will be perfect, for some very good, and for some just satisfactory.

There are specific standards which define how successful the procedure is going to be for each individual case.

To be able to answer your question whether you can undergo this procedure and how satisfying the results are going to be, we need to have studied your case in detail. The factors we’ll get into consideration are:




                The Preplan of Future Progression

                The size and density of the donor area, from where the follicular units are

                going to be harvested

                The size of the bald area

                The design of the hairline

                Which result is desirable on your part, and what

                is feasible on our part

We are very positive, and we encourage you to have hair transplantation when the necessary standards are met, and there is every indication that you will get a spectacular result.

On the contrary, when the basic prerequisites are not met, we will dissuade you from having hair transplantation. A lot of times this decision holds advantages for you:

               You will always have a natural result.

               You are not at risk of possibly being disappointed from the outcome.

               You may change your mind in the future, and the result we predicted would not satisfy

               you now may satisfy you in another period of your life and at another age.


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