Plastic surgeon

Director of the METROPOLITAN Hospital Hair Transplant Clinic

President of the Greek Society of Hair Transplantation

Director of the Gouras Hair Genesis Clinic

Dr. Giannis Gouras is considered one of the most specialized plastic surgeons working exclusively in hair transplantation.


He is the director of the Metropolitan Hospital Hair Transplant Clinic and the scientific director of the Gouras Hair Genesis Clinic as well as the President of the Greek Society of Hair Transplantation.


After twenty years of experience and more than 10.000 surgical procedures, having used the most modern techniques, and in collaboration with the most renowned experts in Europe and the United States, he has founded a specialized hair transplantation clinic.


We wanted to found, for the first time in Greece, a hair clinic based strictly on American standards. We paid attention to two parameters:


1.The really specialized doctor, who must be a plastic surgeon   specialist possessing great experience in hair transplantation as   well as in all the relevant techniques.


2.We are the only clinic in Greece that uses ultra-modern   equipment such as the pore- opening and follicular unit placement   microscope, as well as the NeoGraft for the automated F.U.E.   technique, which is suture and incision free.

25 P.IOAKEIM KOLONAKI, 106 75 TEL: +30 210 7258852

Dr. Gouras assures you that the success of a surgical procedure is guaranteed only by the right choice of a specialized doctor, who can provide correct, honest and scientific advice.


For that reason, he himself informs all the patients, studies each case on an individual basis, and answers the following fundamental questions:


      Are you eligible or not for hair transplantation surgery, and why.


      Do you have the right age, or do you need to wait.


      Which technique is ideal in your case, and why.


      How many grafts can be placed, in your case?


And afterwards:


      He will construct the Preplan of Future Progression, which he considers even more important

      than the actual   technique.


      He will design your new hairline himself, based on the quality of the donor area and the size

      of the bald surface.



In a field full of frustration and distrust, Dr. Gouras advises that you don’t get misled and take such an important personal decision based on advertising tricks and nicely made sites, but, instead, you should have enough time at your disposal so that you can:


-Visit as many hair transplant specialists as possible


-Reflect and then Choose the doctor you can trust, because the success of a surgical procedure is guaranteed only  through the correct choice of the specialized doctor.


Only in Greece, after a survey we undertook at the Gouras Hair Genesis Clinic, 90% of the persons who undertake hair transplant surgery don’t know the name of the doctor who will perform the procedure, and 95% were not informed about the specialty of the doctor, contrary to what happens in Europe and the US, where the patients know both the name and the specialty of the doctor.





Dr. Gouras can receive you in his office at 25 Patriarchou Ioakeim, tel. 210-7258852, at the GOURAS HAIRGENESIS CLINIC on 134 Syngrou Avenue, tel. 210- 9242001, and at the METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL at Neo Falliro, every Tuesday and Friday 16:00- 18:00, after setting an appointment calling 210- 4809000. Surgical procedures take place at the Hair Transplant Clinic of the Metropolitan Hospital.