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Before the doctor decides on the technique he is going to use, always after consultations with the patient, a necessary step is the Preplan of Future Progression.

  Preplan of Future Progression, is the ability the doctor has, after examining the patient, to assess what the future progression of hair loss is going to be. That means, how hair growth is going to progress in the future, what the rate of hair loss is going to be, and whether or not thinning of hair is going to get worse in the future. We will show you the image of your scalp, its future progression at 5-year intervals, and we well design together your new hair line.

A correct preplan of future progression is a crucial prerequisite for successful hair transplantation, and is deemed necessary especially at younger ages, since it is going to determine the size of the donor area and the number of available hair follicles.

The specialist needs to have the experience and knowledge necessary to define, in younger ages, the so called ‘’constant and variable hair-growth area’’.