1        Dr. Gouras himself will examine and inform you, and after a complete checkup and the assessment of different variables such as age, type of hair growth, and donor area, he will consult the Preplan of Future Progression and suggest the proper technique or combination of techniques for your case.

2        Η Gouras Hair Genesis Clinic is the only clinic in Greece that utilizes the Preplan of Future Progression and applies the Micro Strip technique and the Total Microscopically Magnified Micrografting Technique.

3        In our clinic, the sorting of the follicular units is achieved through the use of modern microscopes, which allow for microscopic grafts for a more natural outcome and a larger area of coverage. In the cases of advanced baldness, we can sort the follicular units into single-hair units for a perfectly natural result.

4        Our twenty year experience, the 10,000 procedures carried out, and the publications of personal techniques in international medical journals, make the Gouras Hair Genesis Clinic an international point of reference and a training place for doctors from all over the world in hair transplantation.

5        The scientific director and owner of the clinic is the doctor himself. He performs the procedures himself and is responsible for the post-operative observation as well as for the scientific operation of the clinic.

6        We are the only clinic in the world that can place the follicular unit with its whole length of hair, so you can observe results immediately following surgery.

7        It is a well-known fact that our clinic was trusted by TV personas, popular actors and singers, politicians, and athletes, with the outstanding results plain for all to see.

8        The cost of the procedure is reasonable, since we do not invest exorbitant amounts of money in advertisement and believe that our satisfied customers are our best advertisement.


9        During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to look at real cases of people before and after the procedure, and not doctored photographs. You will have the chance to talk to them, as well as look at their new hair up close and in all detail.

10      We are the only teamwork that remains the same over a period of 20 years. The same medical team and the same scientific staff have a track record of 10,000 procedures, applying all the techniques.

Consultation through photograph/telephone

Through the help of photographs, Dr. Gouras can study and assess your case.

To reply to you, you have to send 3 high resolution photographs and the doctor will consider the data from the photograph (donor area), the extent of the bald area, age, and especially the future progression of the hair loss. If he determines that you are eligible for hair transplantation, he will suggest the technique best suited for your case, and he will show you the computer generated outcome.

Medical consultation at your home or office

If your professional obligations don’t allow for a visit in Dr. Goura’s office for a consultation, there are other options open to you.

There is the possibility for one of the doctor’s specialized partners to visit you and inform you in detail at your office or home after a prearranged appointment.

Private appointment for consultation outside office hours

For those of you who wish to keep your visit confidential, Dr., Gouras can meet with interested parties in days and hours outside the normal working days and hours of the office.

You have the option to see the outcome before the procedure

Only in our clinic, you have the option to see the true result of the transplantation procedure on yourself, before you actually undergo it. That way, you have the option to choose the density and hairline, and have no insecurities regarding your new image.

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